Sunday, July 01, 2007

What a Zoo!

Elisabeth called this morning, just as Tom and I were about to get busy doing yard work. "Hey, wanna go to the Seattle Beer Fest with me?"

So much for yard work!

Aleks had gone to Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo with friends earlier in the morning and Peter has been in Whistler, Canada with Danelle's family all week, so if Tom and I went to Beer Fest with Elisabeth (none of the other kids are 21), Kat would be left alone on a beautiful sunny Seattle day. Not OK!

So Tom, Kat and I drove to Elisabeth's house in Seattle and then separated -- Tom and Elisabeth to Seattle Beer Fest and Kat and I to the zoo, where we hardly saw Aleks and friends at all.

But oh, did we see animals (and they saw us)!

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