Thursday, July 19, 2007

Target "Dollar Store" Treasures

Ya gotta love that Target Dollar Store!

My two latest finds:

1.) a USB-powered coffee warmer that lights up and flashes in different colors and

2.) a USB-powered laptop light with a cool robot-like bendable arm.

I'm loading up. They'll make great stocking stuffers!

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Anonymous said...

OOOoooo...they must have gotten a new supply of stuff. Those look fun, I'll have to make some time to stock up as well!

Carol said...

Forgot to mention that THESE particular do-dads are actually in the $2.50 section of the $1.00 store. Still a bargain, certainly! (I've only seen them in OUR town's store... hurry!)


Rositta said...

We don't have a Target store, sob...ciao

J said...

We don't have Euro stores in my town, but they do exist in other parts of Germany. I wish that we did.

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