Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yard Update

I spent the day shoveling woodchips into a huge wheelbarrow and bringing load after load from the driveway (where a tree-cutting company dumped 20 FREE yards of cedar chips) to the back yard, where I distributed it along the edges of the lawn that's finally coming in. It will take days and days to finish the job, and I feel like I've barely made a dent after working all day!

Meanwhile, Tom started -- and almost finished -- building the bridge that will cross our dry creek bed, and break up the cobblestone path in the front yard. Peter grew up helping Tom with mechanical, motor and building projects around the house and is now at least as good as Tom at this stuff -- and even gives Tom helpful advice, as he was doing when I took this picture. Those two have always been best friends and peas in a pod.

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Jennifer said...

My grandparents have had a place at Lake Berryessa for more than forty years. As a kid, we moved around a lot but spent every summer at the lake with our cousins and grandparents.

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