Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Nurturing and Cultivating Something New

I have never been a gardener before. Not even close. In fact, I've always had a brown thumb: if any foliage was in my care, it was sure to die. I'd over-water or under-water it. I'd plant it too shallow or too deep. I'd dote on it or ignore it. And sure enough, that plant would always die.

Kids, I was good at; I could keep them alive just fine. In fact, they blossomed and grew big and strong and bright. And I could nurture my career by giving it the attention it needed when it needed it.

But plants? Just kiss 'em goodbye if they were in my care!

An odd thing has been happening over the past few weeks. First, out of a sense of obligation, and then from a strange fascination and even a calming effect, I've been gardening. Yup -- GARDENING! I can't seem to delve into much significant job hunting yet (though I've applied for quite a few jobs and tomorrow I have an appointment with a career counselor), the kids don't need much nurturing these days, and well... I'm not nurturing myself or my personal life much.

But I AM, for the first time in my life, nurturing the growth and blossoming of living foliage! Go figure...


This was taken in the greenbelt space right next to us. Apparently the county owns this land and it's never touched -- which is great for us!

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Anonymous said...

Renewing the landscaping in your yard and nurturing new plants might be just the right meditative thing to do. It'll be beautiful and you'll have gone on a kind of trip without leaving home.

vailian said...

I read somewhere that playing in the mud actually releases anti-stress hormones. I will release photos soon of the transformation on one of my balconies.

christina said...

Gardening is a GREAT stress releaser. Ask my how I know. :-) You have some of the same plants (bleeding hearts and columbines) as I have in mine. I just love them.

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