Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Old Forest, "New" Discovery

We've lived in this house for almost 15 years and a good portion of our backyard is still a mystery to me. When they were little, the kids called the forest the "deep dark" and played there often. But I'd call them home from the deck and would rarely, if ever, venture into the forest myself. I was simply too busy.

But today I took Shasta into the forest and thought it was so pretty that I went back to get my camera. Unfortunately it was a bit too dark to capture the full essence of the sun streaming into the forest, and unfortunately I moved too quickly and abruptly, trying to coordinate a camera, a leash, a dog and two cats!

Remind me to spend more time in the wonderful beauty and solitude of our forest. I think it could be healing and rejuvenating. It's such a shame that I've ignored it all these years!

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blackcrag said...

Beautiful. I have alwyas loved the woods. I have lived almostall my life with the woods either on my doorstep or as my backyard. I have literally walked for hours through the woods. It is rejuvenating.

My second favourite natural feature, the forest. The first being mountains, (naturally). They are complementary as most mountain slopes are covered in forests. Yes, I miss the west.

Unknown said...

I love reading your blog and seeing the surrounding area. Makes me miss home :)

vailian said...

Only been there twice in 15 years??? You must be crazy! Looks like a great place to meditate.

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