Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Smatterin' of Stuff

A few short tidbits today:

  • My pre-interview phone interview on Friday went quite well. After a fairly long discussion, I was told that there are nine "very qualified applicants" and that the executive search company will send "only a few" on to the organization itself. My heart sunk, knowing almost beyond a doubt who at least two of those highly qualified applicants are (and they're good!). My hope was resurrected, though, when the interviewers agreed out-loud that I was "at the top of that list."
  • I got an e-mail at 6 PM today from a former co-worker who now works at the Seattle office of an international ad agency, saying that the company wants to hire immediately for a variety of positions, among them Interactive Producer, Interactive Designer, and Project Manager. She asked that anyone interested call her, which I did immediately. It's not education-oriented, not with or for kids, and not nonprofit... but it could be focused on media production and it could represent a chance to be creative again. I have an interview tomorrow at 1:30.
  • I decided to update my hairstyle (and color) and went for a gutsy new look, from a blunt bob to major layering. Elisabeth's high school friend, who is now a stylist, did it (and we took this picture to send to Elisabeth who's on another biz trip). What d'ya think?
  • Since we've lived in this house, five couples/families have moved in next door. Within two years, every single one of the couples have divorced. About two years ago, a very nice (but extremely scarce) couple moved in. He works at Microsoft and she teaches first grade. I had high hopes that they'd be the first couple to defy the haunting legacy of the house. But sadly, on Saturday morning when I took Shasta out I noticed him and a friend loading a bar-b-que and a variety of boxes into a pick-up. I expect the "For Sale" sign to go up any day now. Is there a way to warn couples who might be looking at the house?!
  • Tom spent the weekend building a bridge in the front yard and I spent the weekend shoveling more cedar chips and hauling them to the backyard -- and I'm not finished yet! Next, Tom will design and build the dry creek bed, put up the boulder that will hold the front lamp, and THEN I get my split rail fence!
  • When Boo stayed out all night and worried us all, Bailey decided that fur is fur and cuddled up with Shasta to pass the time until Boo came home (with a mole!!).
  • We're expecting temperatures of the mid-to-high 80's tomorrow in Seattle. On days like this, there's no more beautiful city in the world!

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vailian said...

Very nice post and pictures. I like the hair but I am not too sure about the dress, I think the shiny plastic with advertising doesn't perhaps suit you.
How about a dirndl?

Betsy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cut and color! I'll bet you feel fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Love the new cut and color. It's funny, I decided last week on my birthday that I was sick of my decade old style and color too. So, now my hair is a variety of colors from brown to my natural color of ash blonde with blonde and red highlights. I kinda like it and the hubby loves it, but am afraid people will look at this 60+ person and say "what the hell was she thinking".

Dixie said...

Your hair looks fabulous. What a great color! And of course you always look 15 years younger than you really are.

I'm anxious to hear about these job opportunities. Hope one of them will be for you!

EuroTrippen said...

There's nothing like a great cut/color to brighten your day... it looks great!

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