Friday, May 04, 2007


Damn these allergies! It's dibilitating!! It hit like a ton of bricks around mid-afternoon and I haven't been able to do anything at all since, except sneeze, blow my bright red nose, rub my swollen eyes... and wipe my tears!


The only thing that helps is either lying completely still (me... completely still?!) or -- and I know this sounds weird -- blowing hot air directly up my nose and toward my closed eyes. I discovered that "treatment" completely by accident after I'd taken a long hot-tub (with my head under water the whole time), then followed that with about 20 minutes under a hot shower, followed by blow drying my hair... and when I'd hold the blow dryer at that angle, blowing straight up my nose, all my symptoms disappeared! Of course, once I'd stop all my symptoms would return.

Medical community and allergists, take note!

And now, off to bed where I won't move a muscle until 5:30 AM when Aleks and Kat will get up for their big day: SATs!! Unfortunately, because they registered at different times, they're taking tests at completely different locations. And even though they both drive, Tom and I will each drive one of them so they can concentrate on the test instead of worrying about directions, parking, etc. Wish them luck!

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