Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SOLD! (Or: Battle of the Mid-Life Crises)

We sold our boat! Actually, no money has exchanged hands yet (although there was a handshake), as the man who will buy it had to drive back home to Canada last night to take care of logistics on his end. He'll come back today for a final test drive on the water and to (hopefully!) seal the deal with cash -- more cash than I've seen in one place in my life.

So selling the boat is a good thing.

But Tom's midlife crisis looks like this... And once it's "logical" (in my mind, it will NEVER be logical!), this is what he wants to buy with some of that cash.

I think a trip to Germany is much more LOGICAL.

So The Battle of the Midlife Crises is on!

You better believe that if another one of these (this photo is of Peter's bike) finds its way to our garage and no ticket to Germany finds its way into my (or our) hands, we'll have one very unhappy camper on our hands.

But no mid-life crises are allowed for either of us until I find a job. Oh wait -- that's a damn mid-life crisis of its own!

I've decided that I want to be a midwife.

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