Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Worst Habit

What's your worst habit?

Mine is biting my fingernails. I've done it all my life, and even have photos of myself at about two, chomping away at my hands. I did grow nine of my nails (I held out on my thumb!) once in my life, in 1983, for my wedding. A week later, on our honeymoon in Yosemite... CHOMP -- off they all came again!

I don't really subscribe to the whole "insecurity" theory, and I haven't subscribed to the "stress" theory -- though I must admit that I'm re-thinking that one. I really don't know why I bite my nails, but I do bite them more when things are in turmoil. Or when I'm not doing something active. I don't watch much TV, but when I do, there go the nails!

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Dixie said...

I wish my worst habit were biting my fingernails. Alas, I can't even bite through my fingernails. I have super strong nails.

Worst habit? Procrastination. Or my consumption of chocolate. I keep putting off breaking that habit.

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps Dixie and I were separated at birth.

But a very wise woman once told me, "Everything in moderation. Except chocolate."

Words to live by... (but yeah, that procrastination thing really messes up my life.)

Carol said...

From Renate, via e-mail (sometimes her posts make it on my blog and sometimes -- for reasons we can't figure out -- she can't get her comments through. Which is so frustrating, because she always has such inspiring things to say! Grrrrr!):


Darn, this is so frustrating. Once again I can't post a comment, so feel free to post it for me.

My worst habit is picking at the skin around my thumb nails to the point of bleeding. I started doing this in High School when I was so overwhelmed trying to take classes in language that I did not understand. Having people bully me and play tricks on me didn't help. So, in my case, I certainly attribute the bad habit to stress.

The only time I in the last 40+ years I was able to stop was when I got fake nails for my son's wedding. I kept up with the nails for a couple of years, but as soon as they were gone I was at it again.

Regards from Maple Valley,

Maria said...

My worst habit...I don't have a bad habit. LOL! Kidding... My worst habit is my unwillingness to lose control. In other words, I want to be in charge always. LOL!

vailian said...

Task avoidance! I usually do the things I enjoy before the things I don't.
Case in point: reading your blog versus calling the Internal Revenue office (where I shall be required to explain in feeble German why I have not submitted my Umsatzsteuererklärung for 2004, 2005, or 2006. First I have to figure out what an Umsatzsteuererklärung is.)

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