Saturday, May 12, 2007

American Prom for a German Mädchen

As I type this, Elisabeth is applying Eva's make-up for her first American prom, which will take place tonight. I don't think German high schools have anything quite equivalent to our prom, so this is all new and very exciting to Eva, who will be attending with her (American) boyfriend of five months, Austin. So we made an event of the day and served a spaghetti lunch before The Make-Up Event.

This brings back two memories, one from my own high school experience and one from last year.

Because my parents were native Germans, they knew nothing of a typical American high school experience -- nor did they have any real interest in it. My reaction to that, of course, was to defiantly throw myself into it, becoming a varsity cheerleader (whose boyfriend was the captain of the football team), and absolutely reveling in all the high school social traditions -- like fall football games, homecoming, and prom.

The other memory that tickles me today is remembering Laura's first prom last year when she lived with us. Like Eva, she savored every piece of this typically American experience -- and today I miss her especially much. (This is a photo of Laura and her prom date.)

Eva's gorgeous vintage 1940's dress is at her friend's house, so I can't get a photo of her wearing it today, but she promised to send me photos (or perhaps I'll take them myself this evening if I can make it to the "photo op"), and you can be sure that I'll post a follow-up as soon as I get them!

And now... presenting --- EVA and Austin, Prom 2007, Washington, USA!

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Bek said...

Austrian schools have something similar to a prom. We call it Schulball. Usually only the older students go there, but parents and friends of the students are also welcome to attend. It's a rather formal event, with a group of girls (white, long dresses) and boys opening the ball. Very similar to the Operaball, just school sponsored [].

Dixie said...

How wonderful. And she looks gorgeous. Hope it was a night she'll remember the rest of her life.

Goofball said...

Proms don't exist in Belgium either, so I remember my prom as well during my student exchange year in Canada!

vailian said...

Sure, the Germans have the ABIBALL!

Sorry I haven't been around more, but this is the first time I have been able to go online since starting the spanish tour. I am standing in a broom closet to take advantage of someone's unprotected wifi.

Anonymous said...

it's one of my big dream to go in american prom... In France, there is not prom like that :( it's so bad. >> if someone want to speak with me, i'm french student in economy and i'm searching a american, english penpal friend! thanks!


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