Friday, May 11, 2007

Kid and... Visions of Grandkid?!

Kat and I went shopping this afternoon. (Yes, the Starbuck's cup is a permanent fixture.) She found a cute cowgirl hat and I found --but could find absolutely no true justification to purchase -- an adorable pair of white Mary Janes for a three-year-old for ONE DOLLAR and NINETY-EIGHT CENTS!! Yup -- $1.98! God, I love a good deal! Believe me, I almost bought them. Surely I know someone with a cute little 3-year-old on whom they look adorable. Don't I? Aaaaanyone?!

But yeah, Kat said the same thing: "Mooooom, that would just be weeeeeird."

So I didn't buy 'em.


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Anonymous said...

Too bad, I could have taken them off your hands. They are adorable and would be so darn cute on my granddaughter. Where did you see them?
I was able to post yesterday, so I hope this goes through too.

Carol said...

Dang, Renate! Now why didn't I think of you and just buy them?! Try your local Target; if you can't find them, let me know and I'll go back and get them (if they're still there).


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