Saturday, May 05, 2007

It Hardly Even Needs Analysis

Dream: I was in a dilapidated building that was undergoing a restoration that was nowhere near complete, but the architectural plans indicated that it would eventually look like a beautiful, classy Victorian villa of some sort. For some reason I needed rescuing from this place and a helicopter was sent to get me. As the helicopter hovered overhead, P -- who used to work for me and now has my office with the gorgeous view of the Space Needle -- appeared next to me, saying it was a good thing that they were coming to save me. I thought, 'You're here too... don't you need rescuing too?' He climbed the rope and effortlessly lifted his way into the helicopter. Now it was my turn. As I started to climb the rope, the helicopter suddenly lifted and flew off, leaving me flailing at the end of the rope, holding on for dear life! I thought, 'They could have at least put a knot on the end of this damn rope so I could catch myself!' I was hyper-aware of the fact that if I slipped much further I'd just fall away (because there was no knot to catch me?!) and surely fall to my death. I called up to the people in the helicopter to help me up, but they said that there was no more room in the chopper. The helicopter was doing some sort of aerial acrobatics, flinging me all over the place and all I could do was hold on SO tight and wait. This went on for what seemed like a LONG time, until I woke up gasping!

Yeah. I know. It doesn't take any psychoanalysis to know what that dream means and where it came from!

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