Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mars and Venus/Pebbles and Bam-Bam

Tom and I talking about communication styles:

Me: "A thought is not complete until it's expressed. The expression actually furthers the thought and is an important part of the process."

Tom: "Expression of a thought is an annoying and difficult addition to the already-completed process. "

Is this gender-based? I think that most women are probably more like me and most men are probably more like Tom. I know that both my daughters are more like me, and that Peter is more like (um... exactly like!) Tom. Aleks is a very verbal, social intellectual who likes talking about his philosophies, so he probably crosses into both worlds.

What's YOUR comminication philosophy? Is communication a critical part of the thought process or is it an annoying but sometimes necessary addition to it?

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1 comment:

vailian said...

As always in these matters, the truth probably lies in between. For many people, the expression is part of the process. A thought is never really finished anyhow.
Obviously what fans the flames is the ardent defense of either extreme.

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