Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Seattle Weather!!

Remember this...and this... and this?

Those are painful and distant memories today because today in Seattle we have THIS! (80 degrees and 100-mile vistas...) When it's sunny and warm in Seattle there is truly no more beautiful place on the face of the earth.

(With the possible exception of Ruhpolding, Bavaria, Germany...)

At this moment, Tom is boating (and hopefully wrapping up the sale of our boat) on Lake Sammamish, Peter is flying with a friend who is piloting a private plane (sheeeeesh... did I need to know that?!), Elisabeth is surely playing and sunning with friends on Green Lake (I don't know this to be a fact, but I can almost guarantee it), Aleks and Kat are playing ultimate frisbee with practically the entire high school class of 2008, and I...

...I am attempting to write an all-important job seeking letter to my network connections, procrastinating in doing so (it's SO pretty out there!), and feeling guilty, sulky and less than confident.

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