Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'll Take the Work-at-Home Option, Please!

I sent my generic networking letter to over 200 recipients at midnight last night and have had a mini-deluge of responses this morning! One of the replies was from an artist/marketer I used to work with, who mentioned that Harcourt School Publishers in Orlando, Florida employs people who work remotely from all over the country. Now that sounds perfect to me right now!

See why?!

I also got a call from the ad agency who begged me (again) to come in today or tomorrow, but I (again) declined. I told them that I can work on a temporary freelance basis beginning this Saturday for a few weeks (yes, it seems they work all hours, all days), and I gave them a very high hourly rate bid, which they didn't even bat an eyelash at! So it looks like I'll likely do that for at least a few weeks -- to earn money to go to Germany before I settle down in a new, permanent position. Or maybe, just maybe, I'll find enough freelance work that I CAN pick and choose when and where I want to work. That would be perfect!

But for now I need to concentrate on my meeting with the CEO of the nonprofit tomorrow. I have done some due diligence there, talking to people who have worked there and some who still work there. The jury seems to be divided between "toxic environment" and "wonderful environment." Looks like I'll need to really trust my instinct, because in situations like this that's what always turns out to be the most reliable!

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Dixie said...

Freelance work at home sounds fantastic! And definitely make some "Goin' to Germany" money!

Betsy said...

Aaaaaah! Your deck looks so peaceful -- can I work from your house as well? :-)

blackcrag said...

Well, good luck with the interview. I'm wondering if the 'toxic environment'opinions came from the people who still worked there or weren't there anymore? And the same for the 'wonderful environment'.

It could be the employer looks for a specific personality type, and those that hated it there weren't that personality.

vailian said...

Good luck; let us know how it turns out.

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