Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yard Update for Laura... and My Blog-Buddies

When Laura lived with us last year, our front yard was an overgrown jungle and our back yard was a weed and moss-infested mat of green stuff. We talked about re-landscaping during the entire year that Laura was here, but we never actually did anything about it until a few months after she went back to Germany.

It's not finished yet (the dry creek bed still needs much work), but it's getting close. When we can flip a switch that turns on the waterfall and another that turns on the light atop the rock (that's now on it's side), and when the split rail fence finally lines the driveway and climbs up the hill by the street... THEN we'll know that we're almost done.

But that will be a while, of course! Because everything around here does...

So Laura, this is for you! (Yes, I know you're a regular reader.) We can hardly wait to see you in September and I'm counting the days till I can give my "Germany-daughter" a big hug again!

And Christiane (Laura's "Germany-mom"), you and I will finally have a chance to chat in broken English and broken German about the daughter who we both love so dearly.

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