Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back on the Weight Watchers Wagon

Unemployment and menopause do not make a happy combination, and nowhere does it show more than in my weight. Since I went to Germany with Mom in 2001 I have lost two jobs and gained almost 30 pounds.

Not acceptable.

So as of yesterday at noon I'm officially back on the Weight Watchers wagon (for the umpteenth time in my life; I have always struggled with my weight). I don't imagine that I can lose all 30 pounds before we leave for Germany in early September, but I can get started. Even losing 15 or 20 would make me feel so much better, both physically and emotionally.

I think I'll start with some fresh blueberries and a walk with Shasta around this mile-long block. Wish me luck!

(If anyone wants to be my WW buddy, let me know and we can attack this together...)

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Anonymous said...

You know... I should do this. I've done WW before and lost 35 pounds. I kept it off for two years, and then I met my boyfriend and started backsliding. I've regained all the weight plus about 20 more.

I'm going to BlogHer in less than a month and while I'm not going to fret about my size, I'd love to go back next year with at least 20% less of me. :)

So, yeah! I'll be your buddy, if you're still looking for one!

Betsy said...

Just wanted to drop you a line and wish you luck!!! :-)

Dixie said...

I wish you all success with Weight Watchers!

surfie999@gmail.com said...

Carol..........my other half has recently shown pre diabetic "form" and was urged to loss a few kilos...had been to weight watchers before, but has been using a low GI diet, rather than WW. And it is working big time! basically the only equation that works is "exercise more and close the mouth" but for women of a certain age it seems the low GI pattern also has benefits in the management of the physiology of the body. Good luck.

Just remember that in earlier times us "good doers" were prized; as are good doers in the animal kingdom now eg a good cow.

You have my thoughts.

Carol said...

Thanks for all the good luck wishes, everyone! I'm craving Milano cookies right now (and we even have them in the pantry), but have not partaken -- and won't.

Even white rice sounds yummy...

Peter (or anyone), what's a "low GI" diet?


utenzi said...

Good luck with the weight loss, Carol. That's something I should be doing too.

Goofball said...

actually my boyfriend and I talk already weeks about starting WW again... but every day we postpone a bit..

If you find nice recipes, you might inspire me.
Personally I really like making chicken with mango and I also have a good marinated fish recipe. Let me know if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your diet. I didn't lost weight in time for this summer but I'm starting anew now. My latest diet plan is to spend as much of my free time outdoors as possible... and of course eat more veggies and fruit and less carbos and fat...... Best of luck to you. It's hard to make weight loss a priority. I found shopping for a new bathing suit last week to be very motivating.

ME said...

I'd love to be your WW partner...I've been talking with the hubby for awhile about it now and I decided to go through with it...visit my blog at http://thenarcissisticjourney.blogspot.com to learn more...good luck.

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