Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"The Mountain Is Out!"

We woke up to blue skies this morning and decided that before Eva goes back to Koeln in a few weeks and before Annette goes back to Bayern on Thursday, they really need to see Mt. Rainier up close and personal. Since none of "the guys" could go, we decided to make it a girls day out (and UP), so we snuck Kat out of school after she took her chemistry final, bought picnic food at Safeway, and headed south.

It was a gogeorgeous day and the ginormous Mountain was spendiferous and jamestic (yeah, we played with language all day... how could you tell?!). I absolutely love this mountain and I really do feel a sort of kinship and connection with it -- especially on days like today.

So here are just a few of the 101 pictures I took within a few hours. (The fox really was that close to us -- which is actually a bad thing. These animals shouldn't be so tame!)

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blackcrag said...

Hey! Shouldn't those photos be on my blog?

Looks like a great day.

vailian said...

Nice!I really must visit Seattle again.

christina said...

Beautiful pics! I saw Mt. Rainier close up once and it was gorgeous. Looks like you had a lovely day.

Goofball said...

beautiful pictures. Wow, I am jealous

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