Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Der Letzte Tag und das Abschiedsessen

(The Last Day and the Farewell Dinner)

I asked Annette this morning what food she'd like if she could have anything at all for dinner tonight, the night before she flies back to Germany. She said she absolutely loves fresh seafood, especially fresh Alaskan king crab, and that she would love to go back to Pike Place and get fresh seafood and vegetables to bring back home to barbeque on our deck.

So off we went, back to Seattle... which I am always so happy to do! We took the long way back to Pike Place, via Pioneer Square and the waterfront (where we had lunch at Ivars). We bought king crab, scallops, huge jumbo prawns, and mahi-mahi along with amazing fresh garlic spears, which I've never had before (apparently they're a delicacy and only available for a short time each year), zucchini, mushrooms, sweet onions and red and green peppers.

When we got home, everyone had a job: Annette made a delicious tomato salad, Elisabeth prepared the raspberries and strawberries for dessert, I prepared the veggies and Tom grilled everything.


We'll miss Annette. What a wonderful visit it's been! Tomorrow I'll have to get back to real life. Damn.

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1 comment:

Betsy said...

Yummy! You made my mouth water. How were the garlic spears? Never head of them before, but they sound delicious!

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