Saturday, June 23, 2007

An Interesting Meme

I found this meme here (not a blog I know; I was just exploring memes) and thought it sounded interesting. I didn't read this person's answers (or the "key" that explains the significance of the questions and answers) before I wrote my own answers, so I don't know exactly what I've gotten myself into! (Scroll down for the meaning of the whole thing... I'll post them after I'm finished writing.)

If you decide to do this meme yourself, copy the questions, erase my answers and insert your own answers before peeking at the "key"! Promise that you won't peek at the meanings before answering the questions... and further promise that you won't change your answers once you read the meaning of each question!

OK, here goes:

So you're walking along in a forest. What season is it?
It's fall and the orange and yellow leaves are drifting from the trees, forming a soft cushion for my feet. The air is crisp and clear, but it's not cold.

After a while, you come to a wall. What kind of wall is it? (height, material, shape, etc..)
It's a rustic rock wall made entirely of natural materials. The rocks are rounded, not jagged. The wall is about 3 feet tall, certainly not foreboding, and keeping only the smallest creatures in (or out). Ivy grows on the wall and there are patches of small blue flowers poking through the larger gaps between the rocks.

What do you do about it?
Nothing. I lean against it (standing) for a while, then sit down, still leaning against it, pull out my blank journal and begin to write.

Further in the forest, you happen upon a cup. Describe the cup.
It's an old tarnished silver baby cup, the kind with a handle on both sides.

What do you do with it (if anything)?
I fill it with water and drink from it (I love how water tastes cold and pure from silver containers), and decide to keep it. (I know that I probably shouldn't, but I can't help myself.) I put it into my backpack.

Next you spot a knife. Describe the knife.
It looks like a knife my brother once made: the handle is made from a deer antler. The blade looks like it was sharp at one time, but the elements have worn it down so that it's now soft and safe.

What do you do with it (if anything)?
I admire it, but leave it in the ivy at the base of the wall, where I found it. A knife doesn't belong in my backpack with the baby cup.

Next you come across a body of water. What type of body of water is it?
It's a clear, cool, clean, deep blue-green pond with a beautiful waterfall flowing into it.

What do you do about it?
I can't resist it. I strip off my clothes and dive in! I float in the water until my thoughts themselves float. (I will never drown; I have always been able to float forever!)

Finally, the path you seemed to have made for yourself looks like it ends at a cave. What do you think of it?
I like the path I made, but I fear the cave. It's dark and I can't shake the memories from my childhood of the dark cave-like tunnels at the end of the drainage troughs on either side of the path between my house and my elementary school. I was sure tigers lived in them! I don't like caves or the dark.

What do you do about it?
See above. I stay far away from the openings... in case the tigers lurk there, waiting for me!

The End


The meaning of the questions (pasted only after I answered the questions):

The journey through the forest represents your life.

The way you feel about the season you picked represents the way you feel about life. If it's winter in your story and you love winter, you are enjoying your life.

The wall represents your problems in life. The height, material, and shape is your view of your problems' surmountability. What you do about it is how you face your problems.

The cup means your friends. What you do with it is you feel about them or how you treat them.

The knife is your view of marriage. What you do with it is how you feel about it.

The body of water is your view of sex. Was it a large ocean of opportunity? Was it a dirty puddle? Did you jump in? Did you drink it up? Did you pass it by?

The cave is your view of death. If you went in, you are not afraid of death.

My response:

I'm most surprised by the significance of the cave. Since experiencing Mom's death as I did, I really don't believe that I'm afraid of death.

I also think it's funny (since reading the "key") that I didn't feel that the knife belongs with the cup! Hmmmm... According to the "key," I should have definitely taken the knife, too!

I'd like to know more about the significance of various answers. How does the chosen season indicate how I feel about life? What does it mean if I swam in the water versus drinking it... or passing it by?

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Anonymous said...

Memes are usually boring. This one is different. I climbed the wall, took the cup and knife with me, jumped in the lake and took some water in the cup too, and seriously considered entering the cave.

Carrie said...

What an interesting meme! Both my knife and cup were disposable, and I took them with me, looking for a place to throw them away. Not cool! I stopped to sketch the wall, splashed barefoot in a babbling brook, and poked around inside the cave, but not too far, I'm scared of spiders!

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