Sunday, June 17, 2007

Eines Tages in Seattle

This morning at 7 AM I was at SeaTac Airport, picking up my niece (actually my cousin's daughter... is that a niece?) who's visiting the United States from a small town at the very southern border of Germany. Annette is a delight, and always has been -- from the first time I met her when she was barely two and I was in 6th grade, to the week I spent with her family when she was in 6th grade and I was in college, to various visits since then, both in Germany and in America.

By now, the age difference has all but disappeared and she's a peer, and I SO look forward to spending the next four days with her! Today is the only day that most of the family could be together, so we spent the day in Seattle and Peter and Danelle will join us in an hour for a Father's Day dinner at Claim Jumper, one of our favorite restaurants.

Of course we played tourist, showing Annette all the typical sights on a typical gray, drizzly Seattle day.

More to come!

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vailian said...

Nice to have a guided tour of your yard! It would be a great idea to have bloggers do a 2 minute tour of their houses...
I must admit I don't fully understand the "speak no evil--say no evil" picture, unless you were referring to the green sign behind Tom's head...

Carol said...

I second your idea that bloggers do a guided tour of their world -- house, garden, favorite park, whatever.

The "evil" pic is just my silly family being silly!


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