Monday, June 04, 2007

The Beginning of Craziness

You might not hear much from me for a few weeks.

It's after 8 PM and I'm still at the ad agency, waiting for dinner to be delivered. Got here at 9:00 this morning and will still be here for a few hours tonight, trying to learn how to be thrown into a crisis situation as a Project Manager at an unknown agency on an unknown project with insane hours and unknown people (I must have met 100 people today!), and survive. I knew going in that this would be crazy, so just knowing that has helped. And I knew that I'd be able to shadow the other PM for a few days before I was left completely on my own.

This afternoon the other PM's mother had a stroke. She won't be returning for a few days and has left project management for the entire national campaign for a major international company in my "capable" hands.

Wish me luck! I'm frikkin' PETRIFIED!

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2 comments: said...

go get em..............think of the END.......summer is coming!

vailian said...

It will look good on your resume.

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