Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blog Bits

I've been looking forward to "celebrating" my 365th post, which I assumed would coincide very closely with my one year blogging anniversary.

But when I looked at my stats, I noticed that I've posted 390 times as of today, and my one year blogging anniversary won't be until July 13th. I guess I've been somewhat of a a blogging glutton. A poor blogging glutton...

There was an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer today about people who make money while sleeping or while watering their lawns. They do this by featuring ad space on their blogs. Each time someone clicks on an ad, the blog owner makes a few pennies. One guy who owns a podcast directory site started with about 100 clicks per month and now makes well over $50,000 per year JUST from ads on his blog!

And then there's PostSecret, the largest ad-free blog on the Web. I admire Frank, the owner of PostSecret, for staying "pure." I'm sure he makes plenty of money selling his books, but the site still feels very "grass roots," which I like.

I get between 40 and 60 readers per day. Most are faithful regulars (I love you guys!), with maybe 2 or 3 new readers a day, some who visit a second time at some point, most who don't. Even if I seriously entertained the idea of adding advertising to my site (and I'm not), I think the most I could expect to make would be enough to pay for maybe an ice cream cone per month.

My blog has no theme beyond "menopausal career woman/mom," it has no deep message, no running plot, and no gorgeous graphic lay-out (now there's something I would like to change!). It's just a quiet, mundane little blog, but over the past year I've gotten kinda attached to it, and my day doesn't feel complete until I've posted -- even on days like today when I've done very little worth mentioning. (Today my allergies kicked into high gear and even sitting still in front of my laptop or TV would throw me into sneezing fits. All I could do all day was lay still and sleep the hours away. I've never had allergies until a year ago; what is going ON?!)

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cindy said...

I love reading your blogs. I'm orignally from Seattle and miss being there. I'm living in and it's hot. 2 more wks. and I'm coming for a visit.

utenzi said...

My favorite blogging cartoon pictures two dogs facing one another, one says to the other, "I had my own blog for a while but I've gone back to incessant meaningless barking" and the other says "is there a difference?".

Congrats on 50 weeks of blogging, Carol. Posting more than once a day shows dedication!

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