Wednesday, June 13, 2007

These are the BEFORE Photos

I've been gone all day, every day for almost two weeks. As much as they try (and I do believe that they try), the other inhabitants of this house don't see messes. They see pieces of messes -- which is why a certain someone will scrub the sink until it sparkles, but leave the rest of the kitchen a complete mess. But they don't see the big picture. (To be fair, I suffer from this malady too when it comes to the dining room table -- my "office".)

Selective vision.

I'm tired and I need incentive today. Sometimes I'm in the mood to clean and I actually like scrubbing and sweeping and tidying and vacuuming on those days. But the last thing I want to do today is clean. So, sad as it may be, the blogging world is providing my inspiration and incentive today. These photos indicate the mess that greets me as I write this, and my goal is to post AFTER photos within a few hours.

My plan is to strap on my iPod, put up my hair, and just GET TO WORK. Wish me luck.

If I'm not back with AFTER shots in a few hours, Skype me to yell at me!! ;-)

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