Monday, June 25, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Vailian tagged me to meme "six weird things about my sleeping habits."

1.) I love to fall asleep and I love to wake up and I usually have no problem with either. This is very different from my husband who has real difficulty with "change of state" and can't fall asleep before the wee hours of the morning and would sleep till noon if his life (and wife!) allowed it. There have been times when he slips into bed at 5 AM on one side of the mattress while I get up on the other...
2.) I am very picky about the environmental conditions around me when I sleep. Unlike my kids, I can't just fall asleep anywhere; I need my own room or a comfortable guest bed. (My favorite was at a hotel at the Berkeley Marina that I stayed at often while shooting videos in the Bay Area. So cozy!) I need FLUFF when I sleep. It doesn't have to be down, but blankets don't cut it. I found my favorite pillow on a "dent and scape" sale at Linens & Things. All the soft filling sort of matted and separated into chunks. I love it!
3.) If I lay on my side and cross my arms around my neck in a sort of self-hug, I fall asleep instantly.
4.) I'll shop for sleeping clothes before I'll shop for jeans any day! I wear soft, stretchy pants and a tank top to bed and I'm perfecting the science of the perfect combination. I think I found the perfect pants at Costco ($4!) last week. I bought three pair. Heaven.
5.) I can't wait to go back to Germany and sleep under their fluffy folded "federbetten" and on their big square pillows. Every time I come back from Germany, I wonder why Americans find the need to tuck everything into the mattress. Maybe we're just anal and uptight. The Germans simply cover themselves with the the big fluffy federbett which is perfectly conducive to individual style (toes in or out, tightly wrapped or loosely draped, etc.) and in the morning they simply fold the federbett in half and lay it on the bed. Voila -- no bed to "make."
6.) As much as I love them, I rarely take afternoon naps. I feel guilty and lazy if I do. That, plus the fact that it's almost impossible to fully wake from one for a good hour or two -- and then it's just time for bed again!

I tag Jen and Jenn.

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Anonymous said...

Making the bed "German-style" is so much easier. I couldn't live without my "federbett" and I positively CANNOT stand to have anything tucked in around my feet. When staying at a hotel, the first thing I always do is pull the sheets and blankets out from under the mattress. Kind of like George in "Seinfeld".

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