Saturday, June 02, 2007

Know Thy(My)self!

The interview with the CEO went quite well. I think we both liked each other, but I don't get the feeling that either of us was awestruck or blown away by the other. I didn't leave thinking that I absolutely have to get this job, nor did I leave thinking that they're sold on me. I think we're both still intrigued and curious. It's still too early to know -- for either party, I'd guess.

I did, however, come to the realization that I might not want to work for any employer anymore. I mean, if this organization, one that does such important work for children every day, isn't the perfect employment fit for me, what is? And if this job doesn't feel exactly right, could it be that the "not right" part of it is more the two-hour daily commute, the hour of getting ready each day, the wardrobe hassles (I prefer sweats to heels)... than the nature of the job itself? Could it be that it's time to change direction? That is a critical question to ask myself at this point.

I got some very positive responses from the networking letter that I sent out the other day -- lots of leads and even a few proposals. It really made me believe that if I want to, I can make a go of "hanging a shingle" and starting my own business.

I have much to ponder this weekend.

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1 comment:

blackcrag said...

Creeeeekkkkkk.... creeeekkkk....

That is the sound of your shingle blowing in the winds of change.

Or it's a cricket with sore throat.
Stomp on the cricket, and if you still hear the creaking, then it's the first thing I said.

Listen carefully though. It wouldn't do to confuse this creaking with the creaking of your joints.

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