Wednesday, June 13, 2007

AFTER Photos (and an Excuse)

It's 8:00 and I've been at this for almost 12 hours. Admittedly, I didn't move like a mad woman today like I normally do... and admittedly I took a few breaks (oh yeah, you know that already), but I've decided that I really need to hire someone to do the really deep cleaning once every few months.

Yeah, so I didn't get to the bedroom yet. Heading there now -- maybe to clean and um... maybe to sleep.

(Midnight addendum photo post -- see below. Now can I go to sleep?!)

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vailian said...

Looks splendid! What rewards are you expecting for all this?

Carol said...

Unfortunately, just the (too short-lived) knowledge that the house is clean. I know... weird.

I'm definitely no clean-freak, but I do like to live in a "healthy, comfortable environment"!

Carol (who will begin to respond to comments here...)

christina said...

Great job! My house looks like the before photos when it's clean. ;-)

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