Saturday, November 03, 2007

We're STILL Working on the Yard!

When some people decide to re-landscape their yard, they hire a contractor and BOOM -- six weeks later they have a new yard.

Not us.

We started re-landscaping our yard around the same time I started this blog... in July, 2006 (when I had 2.7 readers). I've posted a few updates since then, but after spending all day today raking the thick layer of fall leaves and trying to spruce (well, cedar?) up the place, I thought I'd post a few before, during and after shots showing the long process we've been through with this dang yard.

Still to come: lighting, a split rail fence, quite a few more plants, and a front boulder that will house a welcoming lamp. The plan is to be completely finished by June, 2008. Think we can do it?

Here is a slideshow of our progress over the past two years. I'm just barely making my NaBloPoMo deadline today because I tried to post individual photos with captions that made sense, but (grrrr!), they showed up all over the place so I finally decided to go the slideshow route. (Make sure captions are on.)

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Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Okay, that is a gorgeous garden...and I am jealous. We had a huge garden in the UK, but had to give it up and move into a flat in Germany. Oh, how I miss it. Enjoy the beauty you have there!

Markus Roder said...


vailian said...

Wonderful. The slide show is great.
Blogger is miserable at letting you put pictures where you want them.

Blog Antagonist said...

WOW. I'm very impressed. Our yard is a nightmare, and unfortunately, neither one of us has that particular talent. said...

Carol.......Tom has done well, even excellently. It dies look impressive and first impressions DO count.

Vision plus hard yakka.

I am under threat to revitalise our yard as well......but a VERY large tree has to come down, unless it falls first. However, things are on hold until the undergrounding of power and services is complete in the area [phew!].

Jen said...

It looks very cool. Our yard has weeds and deer. We keep hoping the garden fairies will come and visit us, but I think we're wwwwaaaaayyyyyy down on their list.

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