Wednesday, November 14, 2007

28 Shots and a Dose of Bad News

The mystery is over.

After a morning of pokes, pricks, prods and shots, along with various gagging, hacking and snorting tests at the doctor's office, the verdict is officially IN:

I am allergic to my life.

OK, that's a bit over-dramatic and not completely true.

I'm not allergic to my entire life, only to some of the things -- and creatures -- in it that bring me the greatest comfort and happiness. (How's that for drama?)

Here's a short list of stuff I'm allergic to:

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Blog Antagonist said...

Oh no, what a huge bummer. My husband is allergic to cats and we have three. Most of the time he's fine, but sometimes he has a really bad flare up.

BTW...I adore your comforter. It would look so good with Flaming June.

Carol said...

Thanks "Blog"! Actually, there are TWO comforters there. Laura's parents gave us two amazingly puffy and cozy individual down comforters when we went to Germany in September. (That's how beds are there; each person has his/her own "cocoon." VERY yummy-cozy, but also just a tad TOO individual, perhaps...) Amazingly enough, I'm not allergic to the feathers, just to the dust mites that are in all bedding.

But still... GRRRR!


emily said...

Man, allergies stink >:-(

Goofball said...

I share your allergy to grass and dust mites. It sucks big time since they are always around. I'd hate it even more if I were to be allergic to cats.

I take pills 50% of the days and creme on the rashes that they give me.

For bedding: there exist special covers though and regularly washing at 60C should help a great deal...and not too much heat in bedroom ! What I never understand is that American houses seem to have so much house is carpetless and I love it. (we do have floorheating).
do you have a lot of sofa's? in which material?

Good luck with it...I am very sympathetic

Jen said...

Ugh! I share the dust mite thing... And dogs, supposedly, although they really don't seem to bother me.

What are they going to do for you?

I'm so sorry and huge hugs to you!

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