Thursday, November 29, 2007

How I'm Spending My Day

The deadline for the "early options" application for the University of Washington is tomorrow, but Kat is leaving for a trip to San Diego with her sister this afternoon (Elisabeth's birthday gift to Kat), so Kat's application is actually due today. The application consists of 12 pages of questions about academic courses, family income, and various other tidbits, along with a total of seven essays -- five short paragraphs about extra-curricular activities, a medium-length essay about cultural experiences, and a longer essay about how one event or experience has shaped the applicant. (Kat is writing about saving Steve's life and Aleks is writing about his decision to change his name from Alex to Aleks.)

Times two. That's 24 pages and 14 essays. Due today and tomorrow.

So guess how I'm spending my birthday? Which is fine, actually. They've worked hard on their applications, so my end-of-the-process review and edit is the least I can do.

Now cross your fingers for a positive outcome. The worst would not be if both are rejected; the worst would be if one is accepted and the other is rejected. That would be devastating.

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J said...

Happy Birthday, Carol!

mks said...

Fingers crosssed for both of them and for you as well. Would one go without the other?

Jen said...

Happy Birthday!!!

And even if one gets in and one doesn't... college admissions, for all the scoring, etc., can be a bit random. Is it more that they'll be separated or would it be the feeling that the other was "better"? Oh, that admissions year is SO hard!

Huge hugs!

The Giant said...

Hope you have a wonderful and very enjoyable birthday! And I'll be thinking of Aleks and Kat - wish them luck.

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