Saturday, November 24, 2007

A House Divided

Next year Peter and Danelle are planning to attend Washington State University ("Wazzu") and Aleks and Kat are planning to attend University of Washington ("U-Dub"), so you can imagine the uproar today while we all watched the Apple Cup, which is the end-of-season match-up between the two teams.

It was a great game, with the lead going back and forth throughout the game. The score was tied at 28 for a while and then tied again at 35, and it was only in the last few minutes that the Wazzu Cougars made a final touchdown and won the game, defeating the U-Dub Huskies 42 to 35.

As a past cheerleader in my own right, I hereby nominate Danelle to be a Cougar cheerleader next year. What spirit she has! And Kat, a dedicated Huskie fan, is such a gracious fan of the losing team, eh?

Of course Tom and I had to be careful not to play favorites and cheer for one team over the other because at this point, that's even worse than giving a fancier Christmas present to one kid or taking one kid to Starbucks more often! I have both a Washington State and a University of Washington sweatshirt and if I wear one more often than the other, I definitely hear about it! So of course Tom and I put our enthusiasm into what an exciting game it was and let the kids do their own rooting for the specific teams.

In the end, Peter and Danelle were the ones who were a'whoopin' and a-hollerin' around the house and "drank" to the winning team -- with Martinelli's sparkling cider from Thanksgiving.

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Jen said...

Nothing like a great match-up for some whooping and hollering! ;-)

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