Monday, November 05, 2007

Not Something I Ever Thought a 17-Year-Old Girl Would Say

"I hate talking on the phone!"

-- Kat (definitely a member of the IM generation!)

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Goofball said...

actually...I often think the same thing.

mks said...

I am with Kat - IM me or txt me anyday over having to hold the phone to my ear. GOD we have become so spoiled or maybe for me it is lazy.

Jen said...

way too funny... I agree with Kat, but still. I sure as heck didn't when I was 17!

Jen said...

Oh! And btw... it's through our German daughter that we'll be going to Germany in February. C and I have visited them before, but my DH, D, hasn't been yet. We'll also visit my Danish "son" and Swedish "daughter." All in a week and a half - waaaayyyyy too short!

We're still looking greatly forward to it, though, and since Danish son is the last to graduate from high school and will be doing so next spring, we wanted to see them all in their family homes before they all scatter to the winds.

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