Thursday, November 22, 2007

Memories of Thanksgiving Past

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I was digging into my photo archives to find a few pictures of various past Thanksgivings, but never made it past Thanksgiving, 2005, the year when Laura was with us, and when my dad ("Opa") shared the holiday with us.

What fun we had introducing Laura to this most American of holidays! We miss Laura so much this year. And my dad, too; he's spending the day in the Bay Area with my brothers and their families... I miss them all!

I won't even try to line photos up with text anymore (dang Blogger!), but here's a little taste of the preparations as well as that after-dinner triptophan-induced coma:

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Goofball said...

happy thanksgiving

Jen said...

It's so funny, Carol, two of my exchange daughters wrote yesterday saying how much they miss Thanksgiving every year and how they loved it in the U.S.

Lovely pics!

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