Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Stumbled Upon It

No time to post today, for I have discovered either the greatest time-waster or the greatest knowledge-seeking tool of all time -- Stumble Upon.

I had to pry myself away from that damn "Stumble Now!" button and I finally headed to bed around 2 AM last night after hours of clicking, each time bringing me to a new discovery, each time about something I'm fascinated with, thanks to Stumble Upon's customization tools.

Go ahead and try it, but I warn you, the end of the month is near and your NaBloPoMo standing -- not to mention your marriage, your job, and your personal hygiene, will be in great jeopardy if you do!

Stumble Upon Toolbar


Rositta said...

Refreshing I think to not obsess too much about weight at her age. I have been a 14 when I was taking drugs. I must admit it bothered me a lot. The problem with too much excess weight though, is that it does create health issues down the road. I have a very good friend my age who needs two new knees and a hip from carrying around too much weight. She has no idea of the recovery and pain of a hip replacement, she just shrugs it off. Another friend has had both hips replaced and now is in line for her first knee. That's on top of cholesterol and blood pressure drugs. I guess we each have to decide our acceptable level of risk in these matters...ciao

Betsy said...
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Betsy said...

AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH! CAROL! I am soooo tired. bleary eyed. and obsessed. I don't know whether to thank you for introducing me to Stumble Upon or to shoot spit balls at you. I need to go to bed but can't stop clicking!!!!!!!

(delerium induced obscenity removed in this comment.... ;-) )

Carol said...

Thanks for the laugh, Betsy! A tidbit of advice (I leaned the hard way...) Do not click "stumble it" after dinner...


Betsy said...

but I did! And I'm still looking at it! AAARRRRGGGGGGHHH!

Am giggling about these right now:

very funny collection of old photo booth photos!


Happy weekend!


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