Saturday, November 25, 2006

When I Have Money, I Have No Time...

... and when I have time (like now), I have no money!

So this year, family and friends will receive homemade gifts from me -- around the "paper and photo craft" theme, of course! Fortunately, I already have lots and lots (and lots) of supplies (that's my scrapbooking corner): papers, craft scissors, ribbons, medalions and trinkets, stickers, and a huge variety of pens and such... and photos around which to build.

I'll make my mother-in-law a small scrapbook and for my brothers and sister-in-laws I'll "dress up" a photo and frame it. So in the next few weeks, before we leave for Hawaii on the 13th (a trip for 7, "purchased" almost completely with frequent flier miles!), I'll have to muster a LOT of creative energy!

Here are photos of a few of the pages I've already created.

Laura, if you're reading this, do NOT scroll past the Europe, 2004 album or you'll ruin your (very belated) Birthday present!

From the album I made Elisabeth for her graduation from Cal:

The opening page...

Elisabeth, my mom ("Omi") and me... in 1985 and 2002!

Elisabeth and her dad through the years...

The four kids through the years.

And from a trip to Germany with my twins and dad in 2004 (my first scrapbook):

Opening page...

Our day in Nordlingen, where we met Thomas.

And from the scrapbook (no page descriptions necessary) I just sent to Laura, my "third daughter," our German exchange student (2005 - 2006):

And finally, here's a sympathy card (and short poem) that I made for a dear family friend:

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blackcrag said...

It looks like you have lots of fun doing this.

I agree with the "Have time, no money, have money, no time" thought, but I usually think that about travelling, not creative endeavours.

christina said...

Oh wow, you are so creative! Those are gifts to be treasured.

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