Thursday, November 09, 2006

Well THAT was odd!

Aleks and Kat's birthday happened to fall on a district in-service day (no school for students), so we decided to go to the University of Washington (affectionately called "U Dub" around here) to get a feel for campus and student life while classes are in session.

Conveniently, there was a campus tour for prospective incoming freshman when we arrived, so we decided to take advantage of it. The tour guide asked the requisite "where's everyone from?" at the beginning of the tour and I noticed that the family with twin girls from San Diego looked vaguely familiar. Aleks, being the friendly sort -- and obviously thinking the San Diego girls were cute -- struck up a conversation with them as the tour got started, saying that he and Kat were originally from San Diego too. As often happens in a conversation like this, we honed in on the fact that we all lived in the same neighborhood in Oceanside (about 30 miles north of San Diego) 17 years ago -- and when I asked the mom her name, there was that instant "oh-my-god-we-know-each-other!" moment.

It turns out that Aleks and Kat and the girls they had just met were in the same twins playgroup many years ago -- and that Pam and I had been Mother-of-Twins Club compatriots! From that point on, I don't think any of us paid any attention to the tour; we were too busy catching up... and the two sets of twins were surprisingly comfortable together, chatting it up like friends who truly had known each other once upon a time -- though of course none of them had any recollection of their time together as infants and toddlers. We talked about the fact that there were about ten sets of twins born in that small Oceanside neighborhood within about two months in late '89 (yes, we do swear there was something in the water!), about other mutual friends, and -- of course -- about teen life and college choices.

It really IS a small world!

Kat and Aleks were going to have "about ten" friends over tonight, but there must be 25 or 30 teens here right now! (Cell phones spread news like wildfire!) This is them a few minutes ago when they (appreciatively) rolled their eyes when we brought their birthday cake into the room and prompted a chorus of "Happy Birthday to You!" No one's ever too cool to sing "Happy Birthday!"

And now I need to be "the heavy" and have a word with them. Small get-together, my foot! :-/

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Betsy said...

Unbelievable! What a small world!

Hope you didn't have to break anyone's kneecaps playing the heavy! ;-)

Dixie said...

It truly is a small world!

I think y'all need to have a meeting of the minds and discuss the defintion of "small"! Heh!

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