Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Facing It

So I just changed my masthead description from "approaching the Big 5-0" to "just hit the Big 5-0." I knew I'd have to do it eventually... and actually, it wasn't as horrendous as I'd feared. (OK, Tom's right -- I am dramatic!)

What's really bothering me right now is that I had to postpone my massage and facial till next Monday because of the snow and ice, so today will be spent like any other -- looking for a job, cleaning toilets and sinks and maybe finishing a few scrapbook pages.

I think we should just forget the whole Big Day thing and move on. Jeeeze, it's just another day! Do I think I deserve a medal or something?! I should stop sulking and grow up already!

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c said...

If nothing else, bake yourself a chocolate cake and put candles on it and make a wish and eat as much of the cake as you want! You deserve some special treatment today. After all, it's your birthday! Happy Birthday!

blackcrag said...

Happy Birthday, Carol!

Fifty is just like being thirty... with twnety years more experience!

Anonymous said...

been there done goes on; get over it!

christina said...

Right! Didn't Oprah say that 50 was the new 30? Darn weather getting in the way of your beauty treatments, though!

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