Monday, November 20, 2006

Interviews and Blood Pressure: A Correlation?

I had an interview on the 38th floor of this Seattle skyscraper today.

You'd think the interview itself would freak me out a bit -- and this one (the position will work closely with the "good" Gates company -- the nonprofit one) should have, as it consisted of over an hour of tough interview questions followed by another hour in which I was to "review" about 20 documents that totaled about 75 pages and then "talk through" how I'd manage a project around the topic -- from beginning to end, resources, timeline, budget, and all!

Or maybe what should have freaked me out was the sudden rainstorm that hit just as I was crossing the bridge across Lake Washington, heading downtown. Waves were dangerously close to sloshing over the bridge itself -- definitely approaching warranted "freak out" level.

But no. I was fine with both the interview and the weather. I was even OK with the horrendous parking fiasco -- something I might post about someday.

What freaked me out were the floor to ceiling windows on the 38th (and every) floor! And to make matters worse, when I was brought into the interview room, I was told that "the best seat" was saved for me... the one right at the very edge of the room, my back almost touching the window, so that when I bent over to get a pen out of my purse that was on the floor next to me, I couldn't help but look allllll the way down to the street, where busses looked like grains of rice! Freaky stuff!

Have I mentioned that I have a serious case of acrophobia? I'm fine in airplanes, but skyscrapers just do it to me! Fortunately, the job itself is in a three story building right in the shadow of the Space Needle -- right about where the fictional Grace Memorial Hospital on Gray's Anatomy supposedly sits. So I can seriously consider the position... maybe. It would be an enormous amount of work and an enormous amount of responsibility, essentially starting and running the Seattle office for this non-profit that's partnering with The Gates Foundation, all for a pretty paltry amount of money. Unless that were negotiable, I can't even consider it... nonprofit or no non-profit.

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c said...

Best of luck getting the job, that is if they pay what it's worth!

I can feel a bit of the acrophobia you felt in that building just from your description. I've developed claustrophobia in the last few years and a skyscraper with floor to ceiling windows (that probably don't open) would make me feel a bit trapped..... Glad the job would be in a nice three story building.

blackcrag said...

Well, you're getting interviews. That's a good step. That means someone out there is impressed with your resume. And if there's one, there's more, right? (say yes).

There will be more interviews to come if this wasn't the position for you.

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