Tuesday, November 21, 2006

They're "Check-Mates"!

Instead of getting married, my dad and Lou just opened a checking account together! Don't they look HAPPY?!

And while we were at it, we took one of Dad and me. I made sure to take lots of pictures of Mom and me because I knew she'd be gone... but I didn't have any recent photos of Dad and me... until today!
And the cooking has begun! Here's Lou, Elisabeth and Dad ("Opa") working on cheescake and cranberry Jello mold...
and Elisabeth and Lou sneaking a bite.
Lou has never seen Seattle (as in the Space Needle, downtown, the ferries, etc.) before, so tomorrow while everyone else is working or in school, the three of us will escape and play tourist -- rain or shine.
Will I take pictures, you ask? You bet!!

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c said...

Glad to see that your dad has a new love and that you get along with her so well! My dad remarried a few years after my mom died and it was great that he had someone new to love and live with.

Dixie said...

I love that they just opened a joint checking account! Brilliant!

I love these photos. You can just see all the happy in them!

christina said...

Aww, this is wonderful and they look so happy together. Great picture of you and your dad too.

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