Thursday, November 30, 2006

Unemployment Guilt Made Me Do It!

...Well, unemployment guilt and an impending mother-in-law visit (she'll be here next month). And the fact that we all just kept shoving food into the fridge, pushing harder and harder -- with an ever-bigger anticipatory cringe, wondering what we're about to spill -- until we could push no further. Somehow we've all been able to ignore spilled blueberry syrup, pear nectar and catsup. Actually, truth be told, *I* was able to ignore it; the rest of family probably wouldn't see it if it flew up their noses.

But today, a good refridgerator cleaning was in order. Yes, I took every last morsel of food out of both the fridge and the freezer, wiped all surfaces with hot, soapy water, cleaned the drawers and shelves, tossed the fuzzy, unrecognizable creatures, and put it all back... only to anticipate/dread the same event next year.

I'd say next month, but you might as well know the real me. Sorry!

Tomorrow (after a follow-up phone call to my "skyscraper interview") I think I'll attack the linen closet. You don't want a picture of that, too, do you?!

Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing you are: "That woman needs a JOB!"

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vailian said...

Ah, the sight of an American refrigerator! The one we had here, for a family of 4, had approx the capacity of your celery bin. But as you know, people here go grocery shopping about once a day. (In France it is even worse, they go to the bakery 3 times a day as a matter of course).
But I admire your courage, facing the furry friends. Reminds me I must take a look at the cupboards in the attic room (shudder...)

EuroTrippen said...

Oh to have a fridge that size again! And gallon sized milk... purchased in the refrigerated section of a supermarket, I haven't seen that in almost a year now!

Anonymous said...

You and I are in the exact same clean-up mode. When I'm not working I figure that I can finally tackle the linen closet or the outdoor shed or the refrigerator! Doesn't it feel great when you've tidied up something that you've been making mental notes to clean for a year (or more)? Yessiree and I totally hear your comment that 'the rest of the family probably wouldn't see (the spilled syrup etc) if it flew up their noses.' We have that situation around here too.

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