Friday, November 03, 2006

So Why Are You Here, Anyway?

You know those easy, dependable blogs -- the ones that have predictable and consistent themes that you can count on, like the newest in high-tech gadgets and where to buy cheap plane tickets?

This is definitely not one of them.

If you visit my blog to follow the career plight of a job-seeking media producer, you might occasionally be disappointed by a post (or three)about cute, furry animals becoming inseparable friends after a rocky introduction.

If you come here to watch the managerie soap opera develop, you might occasionally be bored to tears by a post about job interviews and media news.

If you're curious about the menopausal life of a mother of four teens and young adults and the marriage of almost-empty nesters, you'll have to endure posts about career and animals.

But if you come just curious about what's going on in my relatively boring and somewhat predictable life (I'm still amazed that anyone in Calcutta -- not to mention Chicago or Portland -- would give a hoot), welcome back, have a cuppa Seattle joe with me, and please stay!

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