Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Rainy Tourist Day in Seattle

As dismal as the weather was, our spirits were sunny and we had a great day in Seattle!

This post is dedicated to LAURA!!

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Betsy said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving-- enjoy your turkey and family time!

c said...

I like your photography! The neon coffee cup and street lights and reflected space needle are really nice! Happy Thanksgiving....

blackcrag said...

I like these pictures.

I spent 20 years in B.C., so I can look at the rain and still think 'beautiful'. But then, I'm not out in it either. Rain is only pretty from a distance, I know.

I need to spend some time in Seattle. When I visit my sister, I spend all the time there with the family, rarely see anything of the city.

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