Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yet another sauerbraten, käsespätzle und rotkraut dinner

Are you bored yet?  We’ve done this every year since this blog began…


and over

and over

and over

and sometimes multiple times per year.  And yet here I am again, telling you about tonight’s sauerbraten, käsespätzle und rotkraut dinner.

I wanted to finally post recipes, but to tell you the truth we don’t have any!  Peter cooks the sauerbraten by taste, adding stuff like red wine vinegar, molasses, ginger snaps, and beef broth a bit at a time until it tastes just right.


Craig (Tom’s brother) is the onion man. 


Would you believe that there are 12 large onions cooking down in that frying pan?


And THIS is how much cheese we bought for the käsespätzle (but we only used three of these packages… the top one is Emmanthaler):


When cooking a German dinner, always drink beer!  Right, Kat?


Once the sauerbraten is cooking, start the rotkraut:

IMG_2754 I pretty much just dump red cabbage, apple slices, vinegar, brown sugar and clove into a pot and turn the heat on low.

Let everything cook for a while.



Now it’s time to get the spätzle dough going.  I let the guys do this.  First little brother…


Then big brother.


Enlist daughters and friends in making the dumplings…


Then it’s time to construct the käsespätzle.  All SIX casserole dishes full of it!

IMG_2761 IMG_2762

And then, finally, it’s time to eat!

IMG_2764 IMG_2765 IMG_2767



Schmaltzy as it is, there is nothing – positively nothing, like a big, happy, delicious family dinner!


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Goofball said...

cheers to that last conclusion!

Maria said...

OMG! That looks so dang good. My mouth is watering...

Lynn said...

Looks fantastic, Carol! Even better than Tizleys!


jennifer said...

Wow - just wow!!

So awesome that you keep the family recipes tradition alive. Even though my dad's side of the family is German, they lost the talent for preparing that authentic food along the way.

Margaret said...

Das schmeckt gut! Love it and the photos of the prep.

Rositta said...

Just three words...cholesterol, fat and yum. Who cares if it tastes good..ciao

Tonya said...

I NEVER get bored with this! I think it's so cool that it's a full family affair! (Stomach is growling!)

Anonymous said...

What could be better--great food, great company, and lots of cooks! Happy New Year, Carol!

Blythe said...

THAT is some serious kasespatzle!

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