Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas night with the family – it ain’t what it used to be!

IMG_2690 IMG_2694 IMG_2696 IMG_2699 IMG_2700  IMG_2705

There was just enough money at stake (Tom and I put up a few bills for first, second, third and fourth place winners) to keep poor college students around the table for an evening of great fun and entertainment! 


The coasters are gifts I made for my dad and brothers (and myself!) on Shutterfly.  Took about 5 minutes  -- drag and drop – but we all ended up with a set of four coasters with pics of the families of each of Dad’s kids.  A fun, easy gift!

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Goofball said...

super coasters!

Margaret said...

The coasters are GREAT. Wonderful idea! We played a couple of board games, but then the 19 year got invited to a friend's so off she went. I liked it way better when we all slept under the same roof--at least, MOST of the time. ;)

Rositta said...

Funny, we had a great game of poker with the three grandsons as well on Christmas eve. They took all my money those little devils. Merry Christmas...ciao

jennifer said...

I bet a poker game would have worked out better than the 13-person Pictionary marathon that our family gathering attempted!

Coasters are cool! Next year you need to do a Christmas presents suggestion post in November so I can steal all your creative ideas in time.

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