Sunday, December 06, 2009

OK (adult) kids – you can come home now!

The glühwein is hot and the tree is ready for decorating!


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Margaret said...

Looking and sounding good! We have no tree yet. :(

Anon said...

I like the way the tree looks right now, with just the lights and garland on it.

Maria said...

I'll be right on over!!! I want gluewein!

Sam said...

good grief! that's a lot of stuff to throw on a tree!! P.S Gluhwein sounds good to me!!

Goofball said...

ok since last weekend I'm ready too to start seeing Christmas decorations, hear the music and get in the mood. anything sooner is too soon for me.

Your pictures look very inviting, I'm sure they are already knocking on your door now.

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