Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Un-roboting* Day!

It’s been 49 weeks since I fell and broke everything in my ankle, resulting in the roboting of my left ankle, but bright and early this morning I will be un-roboted!*


(One of the the screws in the x-ray above has already been removed.  Remember that?!)

*The term “roboting” is courtesy of my fellow “ankler” friend Jessica-with-the-beautiful-cast who had her original surgery and her cast removal on the same days I did.

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Lynn said...

Sending good thoughts your way! It's a day to celebrate! What a long haul this has been for you, Carol. I just stepped out on our deck and it's covered in frost. I ALWAYS think of you whenever I step on ice or frost, and slow down. Thank you for that.

Get well soon my friend.


Goofball said...

yeay for not setting the alarm off at the airport?

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