Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boeing is my new best friend!

What great timing!  Tom’s first week back as an engineer/scientist at Boeing after eight years away coincided with today’s maiden flight of the beautiful 787 Dreamliner. 

What a beautiful aircraft!  I just love the lines on this plane – especially the wings.  I also like that the Dreamliner is built of new composite materials, is relatively quiet, and uses 20% less gas than other airliners of its size.  (Of course I need to draw attention to this, since Tom is involved with Boeing’s environmental efforts!)

The guy who took this video is a typical Boeing employee/enthusiast.  I love his enthusiasm!

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Margaret said...

What a beautiful plane! It is painted in the colors of my high school, so RAH. I also love the guy's enthusiasm!

Tonya said...

I was absolutely riveted to the live feed from Boeing today (both for the take-off and landing). It brought tears to my eyes! Every time I take off in a plane I'm amazed. And seeing the maiden flight of a brand new plane was something to see. Those wings are incredible! (John got to see the landing at Boeing Field live and up-close-and personal!)

Goofball said...

the launch of a new product is always so exciting! And naming a new plane a new product is obviously an understatement!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! Very exciting!

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