Saturday, December 05, 2009

Time for carols on the Bose and Carol on the ladder

(We cut the tree ourselves!  Is it tall enough, Elisabeth?)IMG_2291 IMG_2289

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Tonya said...

Oooh, it's gorgeous! (Noble?) That stack of bins sure looks familiar! (Didn't we *just* pack them up and put them away???)

Carol said...

Yes, we did! Then, just a few hours after putting everything back in the boxes, putting the boxes away, and giving the house a thorough cleaning I fell and broke everything! And today, almost a frikkin' YEAR later, I am still limping, sore and swollen! (Hopefully the hardware removal surgery this coming Tuesday will help...)


Margaret said...

Lovely! We still have no tree-but my husband knows he has to bring home no more than a 6 footer. The time he got a 10 ft. tree, I almost divorced him. I don't enjoy standing on a ladder to decorate! :)

Lynn said...

Gorgeous tree! Dax cut their tree this year too--first time Christmas tree cutter, but I bet it won't be the last. Oh, and he'd love to play that beautiful piano! :-) Your house is so perfect for Christmas. Don't you just love this time of year? Even with all the hectic activities, it's such a lovely season.


Susanne said...

Carol, gorgous tree. Just love it, there is nothing like a fresh cut Xmas tree..the smell..reminds me of my childhood..
Unfortunately here in Texas they don't last at all.
I was so disappointed the first time we bought a very expensive real tree...
I never ever wanted an artificial tree...the good German I am..lololol
But that is what we have least that tree says, grown in Oregon..lololol

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