Sunday, December 20, 2009

The kids have certainly matured (but apparently Mom hasn’t)

When the kids were young I loved to make Christmas tree ornaments with their photos. 

Sometimes the ornaments were store bought and I just inserted a photo from the previous year:


And sometimes they were handmade, either by the kids (a Brownie or school activity) or by me, with materials like baby food jar lids and lace remnants:


The last time I made ornaments like these was in 1994, but when the Target Dollar Store had little frame ornaments last week, I couldn’t resist!


I had no choice but to add their names and the year because really, it’s been so long that there just seems to be no consistency or similarity!

I think maybe I’ll do this again in 2019!  Think their kids would help me?

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Goofball said...

cute :) you are so creative in making these yourself sometimes. Wow

Margaret said...

It looks like fun!!

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