Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Gone, baby, gone!

Next week or the week after, I might decide that having the hardware removed from my ankle was worth it, but today I’m wondering what on earth got into me! 

The surgery apparently went well, as indicated by this photo of the hardware that I know is no longer in my ankle. 


The anesthesia was… let’s just leave it at “dismal,” OK?  (There was talk of admitting me yesterday due to the effects of the anesthesia!  Fortunately that didn’t happen and I only headed home much later than expected.)

But… déjà vu!  I feel like I’m right back where I was last winter – back in the boot, non (or barely) weight-bearing, in pain, and butt-down and foot-up. 

IMG_2329 IMG_2328

OK, I’m done complaining now.  I know this is quite temporary and that makes it all much better.  Hopefully the saga of Carol’s broken ankle will soon come to a close –a full YEAR after the whole thing started!

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Lynn said...

Wow! Carol, I wasn't expecting just a bandaid, but that looks like some serious rehab bandage! You really did have a hardware store in there. Maybe you can make a kinetic sculpture out of it!

This was another big step forward, even though it may currently feel like you went backward.

Hope you feel better soon. Feel free to call and chat anytime.


Jeff said...


This step will go a lot faster, then the original break. I was weight bearing in a couple of weeks. Believe me you made the right choice. Took me two months for my incision to heal. I am so glad to have the hardware out.(6 Months) My ankle feels 100 percent better.


Sam said...

well...the end is in sight!! Who would have thought that a broken ankle would last this long (ok, so it's not still broken, but you know what I mean!!).

Margaret said...

I'm sure you'll cringe any time people say the word ANKLE, right? Take care of yourself and hope you're back on it soon. You know, the A-word.

Snooker said...

Congratulations! I bet it feels good to get rid of all that metal.

I'm thinking happy thoughts for your speedy healing process.

jennifer said...

Oh my good lordy, what Lynn said, what a hardware store. I used less metal than that yesterday putting a rack on my bike.

Hope you still have your little scooter kneely-walker around so you can scoot around the house and make your Christmas treats! :)

Carol said...

I wish I had my scooter too. Not because I need it, but because it was so much fun to zoom all over!

Thanks everyone for your positive vibes and good wishes!


Anonymous said...

Get better soon, Carol. I hope the pain isn't too bad for you. Great to have all that hardware out of there. It must have been a very bad break.

Maria said...

Do you have any of that gluehwein (sorry, no umlaut on my work computer-- boo!) left?

Carol said...

No... but I just might make some more. Hey, it's better than Percoset, right?!

Maria said...

The way today has been, I might move out there and hide in your home. LOL! Definitely drink the wine. Forget the drugs. But, um, be sure to have Tom help you to the restroom so you don't tip over. ;-)

Carol said...

No need to hide, Maria -- we'd welcome you (and y'all) with open arms!!

Off for a nap and then wine. I took the afternoon off because my mind is still mush from the dang anesthesia and pain pills. Wine sounds much better!


Goofball said...

good recovery!

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